Latest COVID information on Churches re-opening

Dear parishioners,

Covid Update

We are pleased to inform you that some of the following guidelines that are relevant to our church have been updated:

– It is NOT necessary to verify whether an attendee is vaccinated or not.

– Covid Safe check-in is required.

– Masks must be worn indoors.

– Social distancing and sanitisation should be observed.

– Congregational singing is permitted while wearing a mask.

– Capacity of the church is now capped at 2sqm rule, giving our parish 220 people at each Mass with extra seating outside.

– Social gatherings whether indoors or outdoors are NOT recommended.

We understand that there is anxiety about mixing between vaccinated and unvaccinated parishioners. Therefore, we ask everyone to be patient and respectful of the different concerns that individuals may have. We hope to get through this difficult time together.

Using QR Code and CHECK-IN Card

Sometimes when you arrive at the church and find a long queue of people waiting to check-in before you. It is frustrating. We know. Now we ask for your cooperation so that waiting time can be shortened. It is very simple:

1. Please use QR Code to check-in, or

2. If you don’t have a mobile phone, please use COVID-19 Check-in Card by Service NSW. If you need help to apply for a card, you can ask our attendants at the door, or see Fr Van or Fr Ronnie after Mass. Following the above methods will surely save each person a little time queueing at the door. But it all adds up! If everyone follows the instructions, it will certainly be a very short queue everytime.

Please help us, so that we may be able to help you.

Thank you.

Xử Dụng QR Code và CHECK-IN cạc

Để tránh phải chờ đợi ở cửa nhà thờ khi đến tham dự Thánh Lễ, xin mời tất cả mọi người cố gắng theo hướng dẫn sau đây:

1. Dùng mô-bai phôn để scan QR Code

2. Nếu không có mô-bai phôn, xin xử dụng COVID-19 Check-in Cạc của Chính Phủ NSW. Nếu chưa có cạc, quí vị có thể nhờ người hướng dẫn ở cửa nhà thờ giúp xin cạc của Chính Phủ, hay là gặp cha Văn hay cha Ronnie sau Thánh Lễ.

Chân thành cảm ơn. 


I am grateful for this opportunity to welcome newcomers to the parish of St Felix.

I am hoping that you will consider enrolling in our parish and become a member.

A registration Census form can be downloaded and is also provided at the back of the church, please complete the form and return it to the parish office when convenient.