LATEST COVID-19 update effective 4 January 2021

Restrictions on church attendance have changed again. The following points are to be observed.

· Churches follow a four square metre rule. Inside our Church, we can have a maximum of 100 people.

· Face masks MUST be worn when attending Church.

· More people may gather outside where a two square metre rule applies.

· Mingling before and after Mass is discouraged.

· All attendees are required to use the QR code for signing in, those parishioners who do not have this facility must sign in on paper. 

· NO Congregational singing allowed.

· Social distancing and strict hygiene are still required.

· Do not leave any printed materials or loose items lying around – please take them with you.

Dispensation re-introduced

Given the new limitations, the Archbishop has granted all the faithful a dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday; this dispensation will continue until the 2m2 rule returns.


I am grateful for this opportunity to welcome newcomers to the parish of St Felix.

I am hoping that you will consider enrolling in our parish and become a member.

A registration Census form can be downloaded and is also provided at the back of the church, please complete the form and return it to the parish office when convenient.